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How to Do SEO for Clothing Store

Do you have a beautiful clothing store website that sells little? Are you tired of running paid ads for your fashion store? Are you getting low-quality organic traffic to your e-commerce fashion website? These are some of the problems you might face if you are not doing SEO for your online clothing store. That is why you need a sound, user-focused SEO strategy to elevate your position on search engine results and increase organic traffic. This article provides tips on how to do SEO for fashion stores.  

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What Is SEO for Fashion Brands?

SEO for a fashion store is the process of optimizing your clothing website to increase its search engine ranking and organic traffic. SEO is an important aspect of every e-commerce business, especially fashion e-commerce, because it helps drive organic traffic and sales. 

To elevate SEO, e-commerce fashion brands should focus on making their onsite experience as search-engine-friendly as possible. A good site experience and technical SEO will help your site rank higher, attract the right traffic, and convert your visitors into customers. 

A user-friendly site keeps your customers glued because they find it easy to browse the various fashion products and find what they need. The more time your customers spend on your site, the positive signal it sends to Google that the site is relevant, making you rank better in search engine results. 

Benefits of SEO for a Clothing Store 

SEO for Fashion

The fierce competition for organic traffic in the fashion industry makes doing SEO a must. Setting up a beautiful website and launching new products isn’t enough unless you want to use paid ads, which is not cost-effective. When done correctly, SEO can help your online clothing store rank higher on the search engine result pages and drive more organic traffic. 

Increase Brand Value

SEO will increase your fashion brand value. Your brand is what makes your business stand out from the crowd. The way SEO increases brand value is by ranking you on top of pages on the search engine result pages. More people will notice your brand when your e-commerce fashion website becomes visible. 

Increase Conversion Rates

Another benefit of SEO for fashion ecommerce is an increase in conversion rate. SEO is a result-driven process that makes it easy to target the right customers to engage with your business. This task is done by writing conversion-generating content that appeals to your audience. The more your audience finds your content useful, the more they engage with your e-commerce fashion website. And this means increased conversion rates. 

Rank for Different Keywords

SEO for fashion makes your e-commerce fashion website rank for different keywords. More high-performance keywords mean more people will click on your website. E-commerce fashion websites can target SEO keywords for clothing stores to generate more organic traffic. 

Cost Effective 

SEO for e-commerce fashion websites is cost-effective compared to paid ads. While most businesses are running pairs ads and getting more customers, in the long run, it becomes less effective. This is because bidding for high-performance keywords becomes very expensive, making it difficult for businesses to profit. SEO is a cost-effective solution to increase online fashion and clothing store sales because you don’t pay for keywords. 

Tips for Doing SEO for Fashion E-commerce Brands

If you want to create a fashion brand website that stands out, you have to follow these 5 SEO tips for online clothing stores. 

Ensure Your Website Is User-Friendly

seo for fashion ecommerce brands

Building a user-friendly e-commerce fashion website is a must to keep visitors engaged and boost sales. When people spend more time on your website, it sends a positive signal to Google that it is relevant and helpful to visitors. This will lead to a better rank on the search engine result page and drive more organic traffic to the site. To ensure your site is user-friendly, you should consider optimizing several SEO components, such as:

  • Page speed

Your website must load faster if you want to boost user engagement. Fast-loading pages will give your customers the advantage of browsing thousands of product pages without hiccups. You can use Google page speed insight to check how fast web pages on your site load. And to optimize your website speed, you can use plugins like WP-Optimize. 

  • Ensure the pages are easy to navigate.

How well your customers navigate your e-commerce store determines how long they remain on it. If you have pages that are easy to navigate, your customers will likely make purchases and return to the store. One way to make pages easy to navigate is by adding filters such as price range, product search, breadcrumbs, and related products. Aside from that, your nag menu should contain links to all the categories in your store. 

  • Make call-to-action visible. 

Another way to do SEO for fashion brands is to ensure that call-to-action (CTA) buttons are visible. This will encourage your customers to take action before they leave your website. Call-to-action buttons like ‘add to cart’, ‘buy now’, ‘place your order’, ‘view product’, and ‘get discount’ should have distinct colors and fonts so your customers will notice them easily. 

  • Optimize shopping cart and checkout.

Always remember that most users will abandon their cart if the checkout process is complicated. That is why you should optimize shopping carts to make checkout easy. One way to do that is by implementing one-page checkout that makes your customers jump from the product page to the checkout page. Also, don’t ask for unnecessary information on the checkout page because it will make most users turn away. 

Focus on SEO Keywords for Online Clothing Stores


Keywords play a crucial role when doing SEO for your ecommerce fashion website because they decide which product pages appear in the SERP. Not using the right keywords will make you lose valuable organic traffic for your online fashion store. 

Also, targeting keywords with high competition will not improve your SEO ranking because you will end up competing with highly established fashion brands you stand no chance with. Tips to get SEO keywords for online clothing stores are:

  • Do keyword research.

The best tool for keyword research for your ecommerce fashion website is Ahref. You can start slowly and build authority by targeting long-tail keywords, although they may not have a high search volume like those highly competitive keywords. Start with a seed keyword and search for low, competitive, long-tail keywords. 

A seed keyword is a short-tail keyword, usually with one or two words. An example of a seed keyword for an online clothing store is “t-shirt”. Doing further research, you will discover long-tail keywords like “round-neck t-shirt”, “t-shirt for men with designs”, etc., that are good for SEO. Since long-tail keywords are more specific, they are easy to rank for and produce more sales than short-tail ones. 

  • Spy on the competition 

Another way to get SEO keywords for clothing is by doing what others in your niche are doing. You can use Ahref to analyze the URL of your competitors and get the keywords they are ranking for. You can also target those keywords when writing your content. 

Set Up a Fashion Blog

SEO for fashion brands is not complete without a blog. You may not know this yet, but a blog is an important part of your fashion website and can help you drive thousands of organic traffic if you invest in writing high-quality fashion content. 

Now that you know the importance of doing keyword research to get high-quality keywords that will rank your web page on the search engine result page, it is time to go further and create content around those keywords. 

Creating a strategy for your ecommerce fashion blog will help you drive relevant and valuable traffic to your site and boost your SEO for fashion brand ranking. 

Users continuously search for information about the latest fashion trends and tips online, so they will likely find your blog posts if they rank for relevant keywords. By giving your audience relevant information, you will keep them on your site longer, reduce bounce rates and make them return for more information. 

To start your e-commerce fashion blog, you have to follow the step above and research keywords, after which you should create unique content around those keywords. 

Always remember to add a call to action on the blog post to direct your audience to your product page if they want to buy it. 

Make Sure Your Fashion Site Is Mobile-Friendly

SEO for online clothing store

This tip for SEO for fashion e-commerce ensures that your site works on mobile. This is crucial because a large percentage of users, around 76%, use smartphones to shop for products online. 

If your fashion store is mobile-friendly, your customers can easily find what they want without the pages breaking. But if not, they will have a hard time shopping on your website, which means you will lose money. 

Aside from that, Google loves mobile-friendly websites and will index sites that are optimized for mobile devices first. This means that having a site that works great on mobile is critical to your SEO and for ranking high in the search results. 

To check if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see if it looks good on mobile devices. Alternatively, you can use Google Search Console to check the pages on your website to see if they are mobile-friendly. 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can optimize it by integrating responsive design, allowing it to adjust to fit the screen of any device properly. 

Use High-Quality Visuals

As a fashion e-commerce brand, you rely on visuals to help you showcase your products to your audience. Visuals are fundamental to SEO for online clothing stores because they keep leads engaged on your page. 

Examples of visuals you can use on your online clothing store are images and videos. They help your audience get insight into your products and increase the time they spend browsing your online store. This means that visuals are crucial if you want to reduce bounce rates and want your website to be interactive. 

Expert-Hire Can Help You Do SEO for Fashion

Are you ready to do SEO for your ecommerce fashion brand? There is no other SEO agency to outsource dedicated SEO experts than Expert-Hire. 

We have a team of seasoned SEO specialists who can help you drive organic traffic to your online clothing store and generate revenue for your business. 

Also, we can redesign your website to make it mobile and user-friendly and add great blog content to help rank on the search engine result page. 

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The 5 strategies to employ if you want to do SEO for a fashion brand are:

  • Ensure your website is user-friendly
  • Focus on SEO keywords
  • Set up your fashion blog
  • Make sure your fashion site is mobile-friendly
  • Use high-quality visuals

Following those tips will help you build a great fashion brand.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to do SEO for fashion brands?

To do SEO for your fashion brand, you must create a user-friendly website, stay on trend with SEO keywords, pay attention to your product categories and write high-quality content.

What is SEO in fashion?

SEO for fashion ecommerce is the process of optimizing your website to attract more customers who will buy your products. The process involves building a user-friendly website, using SEO for clothing keywords and writing content around those keywords. 

Who can help me do SEO for a fashion brand?

At Expert-Hire, we help fashion businesses build their online presence and increase revenue by optimizing their website. Our dedicated SEO experts have years of experience optimizing websites for clients in the fashion industry. 


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