Find and hire the top 1% cyber security experts for comprehensive cyber immunity

From pen testers to application security specialists, vulnerability assessors, compliance and data protection officers, DevSecOps, cloud security experts, and OT/IOT specialists, Expert-Hire provide the necessary talents to keep your business secure from emerging threats.

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Hire cyber security specialists that suits your taste

Find talented, pre-vetted IT security experts from our team.


Do you need a single cyber security expert to handle less complex tasks? If your business operations are small, you can hire an IT security specialist to protect your business without the need for a team.

hire cybersecurity experts



Need comprehensive cybersecurity? You can find and hire several talented cybersecurity experts from our squad and build a formidable team that meets the needs of your company. Our in-house managers can help you form your dream team in the shortest time possible.

You manage

Engage the best cybersecurity experts who start protecting your business right away. You can coordinate the team and integrate them with your in-house staff and company. Also, you can manage administrative processes using our user-friendly platform.


We manage the cyber security experts

With our takeover model, you don’t have to worry about managing the team. Our team will understand your specific security needs and assign experts based on them. We will help you handle everything from writing the scope to assigning tasks, ensuring that your business needs are met.

Hiring right away? How it works

At Expert-Hire, we simplify the process of finding talents in two ways.

1. Write a job description

Craft a detailed job description highlighting all the skills and experiences you need from the cybersecurity specialists.

job description
how to hire

2. Experts find you

Your job description goes to the right pre-vetted candidates who will start applying at once. No need to wait long; you can hire cybersecurity experts within 48 hours. Isn’t that cool?

3. Set up collaboration

Don’t worry about collaborating with your new hires. We use project management and communication tools to facilitate collaboration between you and the cybersecurity experts.

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4. Pay the experts with ease

Pay the cybersecurity specialists anyhow you want, depending on the model you choose. We provide transparent pricing for only tasks you approve.


Startup model

You can simply share your organization’s cybersecurity needs with our talented security officers who will help you find suitable experts that will help you develop your roadmap.

Pay as you go

Choose between two payment options when you hire cybersecurity experts from Expert-Hire. With our pay-as-you-go model, you pay the new hire for the time and resources spent whole safeguarding your business.

pay as you go


fixed price model

Pay per project

You can opt for our per-project model and pay a fixed price. We assign a project manager who will provide an estimate of what you need to safeguard your company and the total amount it will cost to pay the cybersecurity experts.

Expert-Hire provides everything you need to make your hire a success

Find and hire cybersecurity experts the Expert-Hire way. It is easy, fast and efficient. We have a 99% talent match with any project we assign our professionals to.

  • We offer access to a diverse pool of cybersecurity professionals, each with a unique skill set. From seasoned veterans to innovative thinkers, find the right expert for your specific needs. Also, we ensure we screen our talents to confirm their skills and experiences. This ensures that they never disappoint.
candidates vetting process
  • We provide you with complete transparency of our cybersecurity experts profiles and how they are assessed. This makes it easy for you to make the right hiring decision and choose the best professionals to safeguard your organization.
  • Get access to a dedicated cybersecurity project manager who helps you manage the entire defense task according to your needs. Expert-Hire makes it easy for startup founders to focus on what matters most – growing their business.
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