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What Is Lifestyle Writing? And Tips for Doing SEO for Lifestyle Blogs

SEO lifestyle content writing is a great way to inform your audience about your latest adventure, what you have been up to so far, the latest trend in town, fashion gist, what to eat to stay fit, and tips for living a healthy life. 

Since your audience finds your lifestyle content useful, they will stay glued to your blog post and return to devour more information. 

But your lifestyle blog must be more than interesting before users can find it. It must be SEO-friendly. 

SEO or Search engine optimization makes your lifestyle blog visible on the search engine result page, driving more organic traffic. This article provides tips on how to do SEO for lifestyle blogs. 

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What Is Lifestyle Writing?

Lifestyle content is any content created with the aim of solving a problem or to fulfill the desire in the reader’s life in some way. 

A lifestyle blog is a catch-all term for blogs that span many topics or focus more on the writer’s personality. 

The content in a lifestyle blog represents the writer’s everyday life and interests and can be about loving a healthy and happy life in general. 

Lifestyle content can take any form, including articles, guides, infographics, how-to guides, videos or any media you can imagine. The content serves the purpose of entertainment or informing your audience, giving them something valuable they can use in life. 

Lifestyle blogs are usually image-rich and easy to read because they are divided into smaller headings and short paragraphs. 

Lifestyle writing can be about cosmetics, cooking, fitness, personal finances, home and decor, interior design, gardening, handcraft and work-life balance. 

While lifestyle blogs’ main focus is not to market a product, writers can still earn income by promoting a product from an affiliate.

Lifestyle Blog Topics

Here are some lifestyle blog topics to write about if you want to create a lifestyle blog. 

  • Home decor
  • Personal finance
  • Organization
  • Recipes
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Personal Development
  • Travel
  • Productivity
  • College
  • Holiday Ideas
  • Parenting
  • Career
  • Health & Fitness
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What Is an SEO Lifestyle Content Writing Service?

For your lifestyle blog to be relevant, it must have a large readership. This means more people must see and engage with your blog regularly. 

And for people to see it, pages from the blog must appear in the search results. You have to do SEO if you want your blog to appear on search results and for your users to find your content relevant. 

Doing SEO for lifestyle content means writing higher-quality blog posts that target the right keywords, optimizing your pages for SEO by adding titles, meta descriptions and images and ensuring pages load fast. 

So, SEO lifestyle content writing service is hiring SEO content writers from an agency to help you write lifestyle content and optimize your blog pages so that they will appear on the search results.

Features of Lifestyle Writing 

Lifestyle writing has several features that make it different from other forms of writing, like b2b. Here are a few. 

Gives Tips and Advice

One characteristic of good lifestyle content is that it provides tips and advice for daily living. 

When doing SEO for your lifestyle blog, you should give your audience information on how to live better. 

Your lifestyle blog may cover health tips, wellness, cooking, and parenting. 

It should be entertaining and informative if you want your audience to spend their time reading your blog. And remember to write engaging content that touches your audience’s heart.

Understands the Target Audience

When writing a lifestyle blog, your primary target should be your audience’s experience. 

You must understand the kind of lives they live and how to improve their life. This is the best way to connect with your audience and get the engagement you are aiming for. 

When planning your lifestyle blog, ask yourself: what are my audience shared experiences? How does my brand align with these? 

The answer to these questions will help you write relevant and useful lifestyle content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your marketing objectives.

Not Focused on the Product

Generally, content marketing takes the focus away from your product or services and places more emphasis on how readers will benefit from reading the content. 

This is especially true for lifestyle content. While it can be tempting to repeatedly mention your product to show its relevance to your audience’s lifestyle, don’t do it. 

Readers can quickly spot promotional content and turn away from it. Give your audience something relevant, and they will explore your product independently. 

Write lifestyle articles to pique your readers’ interest instead of pushing your product or services to them, and let the quality of the content spur them to action. 

Not Intended to Get Quick Results

While this may not look good to a brand that wants engagement and conversion fast, it is true. 

Lifestyle writing is a long-term content marketing strategy that helps brands connect with their audience. It takes time for your audience to notice your lifestyle blog and eventually decide that you consistently produce good content. 

When they realize that your brand stands out in providing tips on solving problems they face in their daily lives, they will warm up to you. 

Once you have gotten the interest, you will keep them glued by producing more content to keep your brand on top of your customers’ minds. Then, they will see how relevant your brand is to their lives.

Should You Start a Lifestyle Blog 

Starting a lifestyle blog is a brilliant way to share your passion and connect with your audience. Writing lifestyle content allows your voice to be heard, and you will also be able to share tips on how to improve your audience’s lives. If you have great ideas and don’t have the time to write, you can hire a lifestyle writer to help you with the job.

lifestyle blog examples

10 Lifestyle Writing Examples

Below are 10 lifestyle writing examples.

Apartment Therapy

This is a popular lifestyle writing example you can look up to. Essentially, it’s a home and decor website that inspires people to live a happy and beautiful life at home. It provides expert advice, shopping guides, and Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas.

Apartment Therapy was launched by Ryan, an interior designer, as a weekly newsletter for clients. Afterwards, it became a leading source for people looking for design inspiration and tips. 

My Fitness Pal

This is an online lifestyle writing example that helps people to lose weight. It inspires people and gives them tips on how to build healthy habits. 

Aside from that, it has a mobile app that helps keep track of their weight and do more exercise. The topics covered are nutrition and fitness. 

Better Living

Better Living is a digital lifestyle brand. This lifestyle writing blog topics include travel, food, home and decor. Also, it provides inspirational and engaging articles and helpful videos to improve lifestyle quality. 

The Pioneer Women

This is another lifestyle blog by Ree Drummond that presents rustic ranch life. Also, Ree combines recipes, home and decor, beauty, cooking and more. Ree Drummond started The Pioneer Women alone, but now she has a team of editors to keep her blog relevant and trendy. 

Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a popular lifestyle writing blog founded by Katie Wells. Katie founded Wellness Mama when she had health issues and began researching natural ways to get better. She gets help from a team of medical advisors, researchers and writers to provide accurate and trustworthy content. 

A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard started this lifestyle blog as a hobby before making it big. She has an editorial background in popular magazines like Bene, Glamour, Cosmo, etc. A Cup of Jo covers style, food, design, motherhood, and travel. 


This is a lifestyle writing creative Do It Yourself blog for house decor. Cassity shares tons of DIY projects that help readers to redecorate their houses on a tiny budget. Topics covered are crafts, recipes and holidays. 

Julie Blanner 

This lifestyle writing blog shares ideas on recipes, decor, and Do It Yourself ideas. Julie Blanner has been running this blog since 2009, providing advice to those that want to try new recipes or want to decorate their home. This is one of the good lifestyle blog examples that inspire readers. Topic covers include recipes, beauty and travel. 


This blog is another lifestyle writing example founded by Liza Bryan that provides useful advice on food, travel, and general lifestyle. Liza Bryan is a food lover, food prep enthusiast and a firm believer in self-care. 

Luxe Digital 

This lifestyle writing example provides advice for both men and women. Launched by Florine Eppe Beauloye as a side project, it has grown to become a full-time project. Topics covered are style, travel and beauty.

SEO for lifestyle blog

Tips for Doing SEO for Your Lifestyle Blog 

If you write a lifestyle blog and you want to increase organic traffic, here are some tips for doing SEO for your lifestyle blog. 

Write with an Authentic Voice

When writing lifestyle content, you should use common language your audience can relate with. Whoever is reading the blog should feel like you care about the topic on a personal level. 

Your blog should not be difficult to understand, like, for example, a B2B article about software integration. While lifestyle audiences care about expertise, they care more about how you use everyday language to describe their feeling, home decor and appearance. 

Also, to keep your audience glued, you can reference pop culture. Always remember to use the right voice and tone appropriate for your audience. 

Use Headers

Breaking your lifestyle content with lots of headers makes it easy to read. Your blog post should have one H1 and more H2, H3 and H4 headers, depending on the content’s length. 

Adding headers with keyword-rich subheadings will make it easy for your audience to scroll to that part of the content they want to read. Also, it will make it easy for search engines to understand your page structure. 

Keep Your Lifestyle Blog Evergreen

You have to pay attention to how you date your title. Using such a title as “The best decking to use in 2020” will make it relevant in 2020 alone. 

To keep your content evergreen, try not to write your title like that. Make your audience see the value beyond the year it was written. 

Instead, a title like this is better “5 tips for sleeping well at night”. As long as people sleep at night, they will always want to read the blog. 

However, if you must include a year in your title for SEO purposes, do not include it in the URL. This will make it easy for you to change the title later on. 

Optimize Your Blog

Doing SEO for a lifestyle blog involves optimizing every page on your website to be SEO-friendly. This means adding titles, meta descriptions, images, alt text, and structuring the pages with headings. 

Aside from that, you must make your website load fast and mobile-friendly. At Expert-Hire, we help lifestyle bloggers optimize their websites and increase users engagement. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is lifestyle content writing?

Lifestyle content writing is the act of writing content about everyday life. It covers such topics as travel, leisure, health, home and decor, personal finances, green living, cooking, interior decor, gardening, handcraft and fitness. 

How do I SEO my lifestyle blog?

To SEO your lifestyle blog, you must focus on creating something useful for your audiences. Also, you must do keyword research to know which topics your readers are searching for online. Aside from that, you must optimize your pages for search engines by adding titles, meta descriptions, images, alt text, and keywords.


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