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Which Is the Primary Reason Why Companies Outsource Work?

Do you have to fulfill a project on a tight deadline but lack the internal staff for the job? Are you planning to expand into a new market but lack the technical team? Do you want to expand your in-house team with talented experts? 

If you answer yes to those questions, then outsourcing work is the best option for you. Whether it is software development, SEO, graphic design, content marketing, customer services, or digital marketing you want to outsource; you can benefit a lot when you bring in experts from an experienced outsourced team. This article explains why companies choose to outsource work. 

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What Is Outsourcing?

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Outsourcing is a business practice where a company hires another agency to be responsible for tasks that otherwise would be carried out internally. 

Companies can outsource various tasks or services, including IT services, software development and SEO, customer services, human resources, financial services, and bookkeeping and payroll processing. 

Businesses can choose to outsource an entire division or just a part of a particular department. Outsourcing is done to reduce labor costs, get tasks done quicker and free the workload on the internal team. 

What Kind of Work Do Companies Outsource?

Companies can outsource different kinds of work. They include 

  • Web development
  • Web design 
  • Software development
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer services
  • Accounting
  • Financial services
  • Legal services

Any tasks that can be done remotely by an external team can be outsourced.

Primary Reasons Why Companies Outsource Work

There are several reasons why companies choose to outsource work. They are:

Cut Cost Significantly

One of the primary reasons companies outsource work is to cut costs significantly. Business cost reduction is seen in labor costs. When businesses hire in-house, they tend to spend money to set up offices, buy all the tools their employees need, and on training their employees. 

Aside from that, companies have to pay salaries in addition to benefits and sponsor vacations. All these expenses increase the operating costs of running a business. Start-ups or companies looking to save money will not be able to foot all those bills unless they look for a better alternative to getting things done. 

So if a business outsources staff from an external agency, it is not in charge of buying the resources the team will use. Also, no need to set up office space because the external team may work remotely. And no need to pay for vacation and bonuses associated with hiring in-house staff. 

Decrease Time-Consuming Tasks

Have you ever felt like your internal team is doing too much? If you have more than enough tasks to keep your internal team busy, outsourcing some work will free up some time, decrease time-consuming tasks and make your team focus on your business. 

For example, an e-commerce store that sells clothes will benefit if it outsources web development and maintenance to an external team. While the outsourced team is building the website, the internal team will be able to focus on assisting their customers in making a purchase. 

Core Business Focus

With reduced time-consuming tasks, your in-house staff will have the opportunity to focus on your main business activities. Also, productivity will increase as a result of that. 

Of course, there are certain parts of your business that must remain in-house. These tasks require the most focus and care from your permanent employees. The quality in which the tasks are performed is critical to the success of your business. 

That is why you must allow your employees the necessary time to focus on your core business activities. This will give your team more time to collaborate on larger projects and ensure they meet company expectations. 

Skilled Talent Pool 

What if you don’t have all the skills needed to fulfill a task in-house? Many companies find it hard to recruit more skills into their team because the whole process is laborious.

From writing job advertisements and posting on different job portals to shortlisting and interviewing candidates, all these processes will take time and money. Worse still, you may not be able to find the right talent in your location. This can be frustrating for businesses that depend on talent to fulfill certain functions. 

Outsourcing provides access to a large talent pool of professionals. Since you are not hiring from your location, you can outsource from the global pool and find experts thousands of miles away to work for you. 

Aside from that, a large percentage of the skilled workers in the US and Europe belong to the gig economy, making it easy to find skills when and how you want. 

New Market Access 

Do you want to enter a new market? Perhaps you are eyeing the tech industry and need to employ expert programmers and AI and ML experts who will work for you. Outsourcing gives you a chance to diversify your skills, build a large and powerful team to tackle any project and dive into any market. 

Another way you can access new markets is by expanding into the country the outsourced team is located. Since they are from a different country, you can gain access to a whole new market and have the opportunity to expand your services to a new audience. 

Latest Tech Tools

Some tasks may require specialized tech tools that your company doesn’t have full access to. White getting those tools will benefit your business, but it may be too expensive and out of the budget. 

Most outsourcing agencies take it upon themselves to use the latest tools in the industry. Also, they will ensure they train their specialist to be able to use those tools. Outsourcing to a qualified external agency may grant you access to these technologies. 

The team will be able to finish tasks using the latest tech equipment without your company having to spend additional money to buy those tools. This practice has caused many companies to speed up their digital transformation approach. 

Risk Sharing

Running your company comes with plenty of risks. However, when you choose to partner with an outsourcing company, you share the risk. 

Risks, in this case, maybe a low return on investment from unsatisfactory work and unhappy customers or the inability to handle unexpected and costly issues. 

Working with the outsourcing team can distribute risks between parties being held accountable for satisfactory work. 

Improved Processes

Another reason companies choose to outsource work is that it improves business processes. If your in-house team cannot handle tasks efficiently because of a heavy workload, you will be able to distribute tasks to the external team. This will make your internal team focus on what matters and improve your business processes. 

where can companies outsource work

Where Can Companies Outsource Work?

Don’t know where to outsource IT professionals? You can start by defining the outsourcing model you want. There are various outsourcing models companies can use when they outsource work. They are: 

  • Onshore outsourcing. In onshore IT outsourcing, you will hire an external team from your country. The team will work from a remote location, doing tasks that can be done by your in-house staff. Onshore outsourcing is the best option if you want tech experts that understand your business language and share the same work culture. 
  • Offshore outsourcing. In offshore outsourcing, you hire an external agency from a faraway country. A business in Canada can hire a team in the Philippines. Offshore outsourcing is the cheapest option for any company that wants to outsource work because you can find IT professionals that charge less than those in your country. 
  • Nearshore outsourcing. In nearshore IT outsourcing, you will hire an outsourced team in a country close to you. The close proximity means they will understand your business language, share the same work culture, and can communicate in real time. 

Aside from these location-based outsourcing models, other models companies that want to outsource work can choose are: 

  • Staff augmentation. In staff augmentation, a company uses temporary workers to fill short-term positions. Here, workers are outsourced for projects aligned with the company’s current staffing needs and objectives. For example, a company that needs eight developers to build an app but only has three can hire five from an outsourced team. You can hire IT professionals to fill in roles you lack in your company. 
  • Dedicated team. A dedicated team consists of more than one IT professional. For example, an e-commerce business that sells cloth can hire a team consisting of a web developer, SEO, content writer, graphic designer, digital marketer, etc., to build and promote the business online. 

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Companies choose to outsource work for several reasons. From cutting costs, to access to a large talent pool, improved business processes, use of the latest tech tools, risk sharing, and access to a new market, businesses are reaping the benefits associated with outsourcing staff. 

There are several outsourcing models companies can choose when they outsource. You can choose one or combine several models as long as they suit your business needs. 

If you want a company to help you take your ideas into a working business solution, Expert-Hire is the best partner. Feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is the process of hiring another individual or agency, either domestically or internationally, to handle business activities for you.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

Lower costs (due to lower labor rates)
Increased efficiency.
Increased focus on core competencies.
Access to skills or resources.
Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions.
Accelerated time to market.

What is the main purpose of outsourcing?

Organizations often outsource as a way to lower costs, improve efficiencies and gain speed. Businesses that decide to outsource rely on external providers’ expertise in performing the outsourced tasks to gain such benefits.


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