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How to Hire a T-shirt Graphic Designer

Talented graphic designers are hard to come by. Of course, there are lots of them, but choosing the best, especially if you have no background in graphic design, can be an uphill task. 

As a business that makes t-shirts, you need designs that stand out from the crowd. That is why hiring the best t-shirt graphic designers is not an option, it is a must. Don’t worry, we will help you out. 

This article explains how to hire a t-shirt graphic designer. It highlights what you should consider and the steps to hiring the best graphic designers. 

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What Are Graphic T-Shirts?

Graphic t-shirts are short-sleeve shirts that have some sort of image or graphic on them. Graphic tees, as they are called, are decorated in many ways, including screen printing, painting and embroidery. 

Images and other graphics that may be included on the graphic tee can be sports and brand logos. Other artworks include animals, abstract art, or designs that advertise a specific brand.

What Is a Graphic T-Shirt Designer?

A t-shirt designer is an expert that creates beautiful designs on t-shirts. This designer has experience in graphic design and can create arts that identify with a brand with the aim of selling the product. 

What to Consider Before Hiring a T-shirt Designer?

Before you start hiring a t-shirt graphic designer, you should know what to look for. This means knowing the kind of artwork you need and understanding your brand identity. 

What Kind of T-Shirt Artwork Do You Need?

You must design something that is trending if you want potential customers to take a liking to it. If a logo-based t-shirt design is trending, you should zero in on this category and make something similar. Always remember to choose a t-shirt design that generates the most profit for your business. Also, ensure to choose something that represents your brand identity. 

The Type of T-Shirt Graphic Designer

There are various t-shirt graphic designers specializing in making different designs. Some t-shirt designers are skilled at creating abstract designs to make a shirt more appealing, while others can create logos or text-based designs. The type of t-shirt artwork you choose will determine the kind of designer you hire. Also, ensure that the designers have the experience and skills that match what you need. 

The T-Shirt Designer Experience

Do you need a simple or complex t-shirt design? Most print-on-demand businesses make simple t-shirt designs for their customers. If that is yours, you can hire a mid-level designer for the project. However, if you choose a complex design, hiring an experienced t-shirt designer that has done something similar to your project is the way to go. 

What Type of Graphic Tee Designer Are You Looking For?

There are several types of graphic t-shirt designers. You can hire freelance graphic tee designers or from a design agency.

Freelance Graphic Designers

Freelance graphic tee designers are plentiful. You can visit any freelance website and type graphic designers and select from the result. One benefit of hiring freelancers for your t-shirt design work is that you get to pay less for the services. 

Since there are lots of freelancers and most are from low-income countries, they will charge less than when you hire from your country. Aside from that, if you enable an experienced freelance tee designer, you can onboard and start work immediately. 

However, you should also think of the downside of hiring freelance tee designers. If you can’t manage the project, working with freelancers will not be easy. You have to supervise and ensure the designer does the work the way you want it. 

Aside from that, since freelancers handle more than one project, there is a big chance that yours might not be a top priority. Always ensure that the tee designer finishes your work before the deadline. This will make you stay on track and deliver your product to the market quickly. 

Hire a T-Shirt Designer from an Agency

There are several agencies that help businesses find expert tee designers. The advantage of hiring t-shirt graphic designers from an agency is that you don’t have to manage them yourself. 

Most agencies have a project manager that ensures the designer does the job the way you want it. 

Aside from that, you don’t have to waste your time screening each graphic designer before choosing the right one. This is because the agency would vet the designers and ensure that they are technically and culturally fit to handle your project. 

Also, you can hire tee designers in a nearby country or far away country depending on your choice. 

T-shirt Graphic Designers for Hire

How to Hire T-Shirt Graphic Designer 

Hiring a tee graphic designer doesn’t come easy. This is because you have to plan ahead and be diligent about it. Here are four steps to help you find t-shirt graphic designers for hire. 

  1. Set Your Project Requirements

Businesses don’t hire at random, they hire for a specific need. You should do the same when looking for a graphic designer for hire. To do that, you have to define your project requirements. 

Know what kind of graphic design you want and how it impacts your business. When you know what you want, you will be able to hire a tee designer with the right skills and experience. 

  1. Write a Job Description

The next step is for you to write a detailed job description. A job description explains the tasks, duties, functions and responsibilities of the graphic designer. It states the job to be done, how it is to be completed, and the frequency and purpose of the work as it relates to your business goals. 

When writing the job description, you have to highlight all the tasks the t-shirt graphic designer will do and how to accomplish them. Here are some of the responsibilities of a t-shirt graphic designer.

  • Create mockups using graphic design software
  • Work on apparel and logo designs
  • Assist with creating a brand identity
  • Communicate design plans with various stakeholders to understand their vision
  • Prepare artwork for printing 
  1. Interview

After writing the job description, you should shortlist the best t-shirt designers and interview them. Ensure that you ask questions that are related to your project and listen to how the designers provide answers that can help move your business forward. 

Check portfolios to know the kind of work the designer has done in the past. This will make you determine if the t-shirt designer is the right person for the job. 

You have to assess the designers’ technical and soft skills before you make the decision to hire. Some of the graphic design skills you should watch out for are:

  • Familiarity with design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.
  • Ability to communicate ideas
  • Creativity with the ability to come up with ingenious design ideas
  • Ability to stay up with the latest fashion trend in the industry. 

If you hire t-shirt graphic designers from an IT outsourcing company like Expert-Hire, you don’t have to waste time interviewing and vetting skills. We have pre-vetted designers, so all you have to do is pick the best. 

  1. Sign a Contract

When you are sure you have gotten the right tee designer, you can write a contract. The contract must include the tasks that must be done, when they should be done and how. Also, the contract should include the payment mode and the total amount to be paid, whether per project or monthly. 

Hire T-Shirt Graphic Designers from Expert-Hire

At Expert-Hire, we help businesses find all the tech talents they need, and that includes helping you hire the best t-shirt graphic designers. 

One benefit of hiring tee designers from Expert-Hire is that we have screened all our experts to ensure they have the right tech and soft skills to work for your business. 

Also, we help you manage the designer, so you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered. 


To hire t-shirt graphic designers, you have to know the kind of design artwork you need and consider the experience. The four steps to hiring a tee designer include setting your project requirements, writing a detailed job description, conducting interviews, and signing a contract. Are you ready to hire a t-shirt designer? Contact Expert-Hire today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a t-shirt graphic designer?

A t-shirt graphic designer is an expert that helps create a beautiful and unique design using graphic design software.

What are the responsibilities of a t-shirt graphic designer?

Tee designers create mockups using design software. Also, they design logos and assist in creating brand identity. 


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