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Why Hire a Dental Content Writer 

Do you have a dental website but find it difficult to get leads? Hiring a dental content writer is the best way to give your audience valuable information and make them engage with your business. 

But hiring dental content writers is an uphill task because you have to ensure you find someone that really understands the niche. And this someone must be an industry expert with experience in dental content writing. 

While there are a few experienced dental content writers out there, choosing the best, especially for business owners, is not as easy as it seems. This article provides tips on how to hire a dental content writer. 

Are you ready to hire a dental content writer? Why waste time? Contact Expert-Hire today and find the best writers from our team. Our dental content writer has experience creating content that will add value to your customers.

What Is Dental Content Writing?

Dental content writing involves creating content in the form of blog posts or articles, newsletters and landing pages that relates to all aspects of dental practices. 

These kinds of content are considered Your Money or Your Life because they can impact your readers’ health and safety. 

Google takes this kind of content seriously because if a website contains erroneous information written by writers without knowledge of the niche, it could worsen people’s lives. 

Dental content writing covers topics like nutrition, brushing, veneers, restorative teeth treatment, dentures, braces, and teeth whitening. 

What Is a Dental Content Writer?

A dental content writer is responsible for crafting blog posts or articles, website landing pages, sales copy, and white papers for a dental business. 

Dental content writers understand the procedure and techniques dental practice offers and how they benefit the patient. 

They will use their expert content writing skills to help the audience connect emotionally with the business and show them the benefits of getting a good dental practice. 

A good dental writer can develop a content plan, do keyword research, and write with less supervision, requiring little input from the dentist. 

Why Hire a Dental Content Writer 

Hire a Dental Content Writer

Hiring an expert to write your content is crucial for many reasons. Google classified dental content writing under YMYL or Your Money or Your Life type of content. 

This means they take it seriously because it can harm human well-being and health. 

For example, if you have a toothache and Google “how to treat toothache”, if you land on a dental website with poor information, you could suffer more. 

That is why it is critical that Google serves high-quality information so that its user’s health will not be impacted. In the past, many healthcare-related businesses got away with low-quality and untrusted content.

 But as Google rolled out the Medic Update, they lost their organic ranking. Google wants content written by industry experts that delivers a superior user experience. 

This is where EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness comes in. And you can only get it when you hire an experienced dental content writer. 

Aside from that, you probably have your hands full, keeping your patients happy, meaning you may not have time to write your articles. Also, you need an effective way to meet your business’s content marketing demands, which can be much if you want to regularly add blog posts to your website. 

A dental content writer can help you produce as much monthly content to cover all your services. This will make it easy for you to focus on your business and leave the writing task to the expert. 

Aside from that, dental content writers from Expert-Hire have knowledge of SEO. No one writes content for fun. 

Your audience must see your content and engage with it. SEO makes your audience (patient) see your blog posts on the front page of the search engine result page. 

This will make them engage with your business website and eventually book an appointment. At Expert-Hire, we include SEO when writing your dental content.

How to Hire a Dental Content Writer 

You can hire dental content writers in these four steps. 

  1. Know Your Content Needs

This means that you should know what you want to get with the content. Do you want your readers to subscribe to your services? Or do you want your audience to book an appointment? Your needs will determine the kind of content the writer will create. Also, it will determine the style in which the content is written. How often do you want to upload articles to your website? How many words do you want the writer to write per month? Those are questions you should ask to determine your content needs. 

  1. Find Dental Content Writers

When you know your content needs, you will be able to find writers that meet your requirements. There are several ways to hire dental content writers. You can search for freelance dental content writers online or hire from an outsourced team like Expert-Hire. The two options above are better than hiring in-house content writers. While hiring freelancers can be cost-effective, remember that you have to manage them yourself if you want a better result. Aside from that, since freelancers work for different clients, most of them juggle between jobs, making it difficult for them to complete a task on time. Hiring dental content writers from a managed team will make it easy for you to get quality results. 

  1. Conduct Interviews

When you have a list of potential dental writers, you should conduct interviews to confirm their skills. This means giving the writers tests to assess their skills. Only hire writers with excellent writing skills that apply SEO when writing the content. 

  1. Sign a Contract

The contract will state the total word count and the amount the writer will be paid. Also, it will state the duration of the work. This will ensure that you and the writers get what you want. Aside from a contract, you have to sign an NDA to protect your business privacy.

Hire Dental Content Writers from Expert-Hire

One benefit of hiring dental content writers from Expert-Hire is that you get someone with the right skills and experience to work on your project. 

We only assign niche writers with sufficient experience to provide valuable and reliable content for our clients. 

Aside from that, our dental content writers have been vetted for writing and communication skills to ensure they are the perfect match you are looking for. 

Ready to hire a dental content writer? Contact us today. 


Hiring a dental content writer requires due diligence on your part if you want someone with the right skills and experience. You must understand your content requirements, seek writers from a managed team, and interview to confirm skills before signing a contract. If you are ready to hire a dental writer today, contact us to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is dental content?

Dental content includes blog posts, landing pages, and email newsletters that are written with the aim of providing information about a dental service. 

Why hire a dental content writer?

There are several reasons to hire a dental content writer. If you want an expert to handle your task, hiring a writer is the best option for you. Aside from that, a dental content writer has the skills and experience and will take off the task of writing your content yourself. 


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