How to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Do you want to hire SEO content writers to create mind-blowing content for your website? Hiring the right writers requires due diligence if you want someone that will create engaging content for your audience. How do I hire a content writer? Where can I find copywriters? If you are looking for writers, you can hire the best from our ecosystem.

Are You Planning to Hire SEO Content Writers?

Here at Expert-Hire, we have many experienced SEO writers who can help you create conversion-generating content for your business. From landing page content to sales copy, email newsletters, product descriptions, blog posts and articles, our skilled writers can handle any writing tasks.

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Expert-Hire provides a wide range of writing services. From blog/article writing to landing page, sales copy, product description and review, email newsletter, advertising copy, e-book, technical writing and fiction and non-fiction writing, you can find a writer that meet your needs.

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Build the Ideal Candidate Profile

This requires defining your business requirements. Do you want a blog writer? Or do you need a copywriter to create marketing content for your business? Are you looking for a content creator to write scripts for videos? Do you need someone to write your landing page content? 

To build the ideal candidate profile, you have to know what you need and hire based on it. If you need someone to write marketing copy, then you have to hire a copywriter. But if you need someone to write long-form blog posts, then you have to hire a blog/article writer. 

Write a Job Description

After creating the ideal candidate profile, you should write a job description based on the skills you need. The pro tip on writing the perfect job description is to keep it simple. Ensure that the job description highlights all the required skills and the task you expect the content writer to perform. 

For example, if you want the writer to create a blog post and do some SEO in the process, you should stress SEO skills in the job description. Every content writer’s job description must highlight the ability to write, do research, proofread and edit, do SEO, finish tasks before the deadline, etc. 

Select the Ideal Candidate

The best way to select the ideal content writer is to give them a test project. It is crucial that you create a task the applicant will perform and use their performance to judge them. 

Your task should include a little SEO research, writing and proofreading and editing. In every job advertisement, hundreds of applicants will apply, but with a simple task that demonstrates skills and experience, you can shortlist and select the best candidate.

Make an Offer

When you are certain you have the right content writer, you can proceed to hire. As part of the hiring process, you should sign a contract and an NDA. The contract will state the scope of work and when it must be completed, while the NDA will ensure that your data are secure. 

Steps to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Hiring SEO writers from Expert-Hire is easy. You must define your project needs, create an ideal candidate profile and hire the right candidate.

What Is an SEO Content Writer?

An SEO content writer, also known as a web content writer, is a professional that specializes in producing relevant, well-written content for websites and other print media. Web content writers work with clients to produce articles on a large variety of topics across different niches. 

What Are the Different Types of Content Writers?

Before hiring a content writer, it is crucial to know the different types of writers that exist. 

  • Blog Writer

A blog writer is a professional that writes content (blog posts) to keep readers engaged. Blog writers know how to turn complex topics into warm conversations and are devoted to making engaging content that will move their audience to take action. If you want someone to create engaging long-form content about your product or services, you can hire a blog writer.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter is a professional that uses skills to write engaging webpages, ads text, social media posts, promotional emails, marketing copy, etc. Copywriters use various writing mediums to inform, engage and persuade their audiences to take action about the product or services they are promoting. If you want someone to write your advertisement copy or product description, you need to hire a copywriter. 

  • Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional that writes instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other technical documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily. Technical writers write how-tos, guides, FAQs, manuals, instructions, product documentation, etc. 

  • Email Writer

Email writers write email content with the aim of driving action. They are skilled in writing great copy to generate leads and convert those leads into buyers. Email writers typically write headlines and call-to-action phrases in emails and refine their writing to ensure optimal conversion. 

  • Scriptwriter

Scriptwriters produce content for video scripts, explainer video scripts, podcast scripts, audio advertising, movies, etc. 

At Expert-Hire, we have all kinds of content writers in our ecosystem. Feel free to contact us for your project details. 

What Are the Roles of an SEO Content Writer?

A content writer is responsible for researching topics, creating style guides and writing conversion-generating content that meets business goals. Here are some of the responsibilities you should expect our content writers to do for you when you hire them. 

  • Work with business owners, digital marketers, or clients to help identify content needs.
  • Conduct market research to identify your audience and the products or services they are interested in.
  • Develop a content strategy, plan to create a topic cluster, and help you find the best topics your audiences are interested in. 
  • Conduct research with SEO tools on a given topic to identify high-performance keywords.
  • Advanced research from various sources to find useful information about a topic. 
  • Writing engaging content for blogs, landing pages, product pages, reviews, emails, newsletters, video scripts, infographics, etc. 
  • Optimizing the content for search engines by adding keywords, meta titles, headings and images.
  • Edit the content with Grammarly to ensure that it is error-free.
  • Proofread content to ensure it stays on point and appeals to your audience.
  • Create an editorial calendar of when and how content will be published.
  • Audit websites to identify content gaps and seek areas for improvement.

What Are the Skills of an SEO Content Writer?

Hiring content writers with the right skills for your project is essential to increasing your organic traffic and generating conversion from your targeted audience. Here are some of the skills of an SEO content writer to watch out for when hiring. 

seo content writers skills


  • Solid Knowledge of SEO

You should hire a content writer that has a sound knowledge of search engine optimization. Solid SEO knowledge will make it easy for the writer to optimize your content by researching keywords and adding them to the content. Also, knowledge of SEO will make it easy for the writer to do on-page optimization by adding titles, meta descriptions, headings, images with ALT text, etc. 

  • Writing Skills

Content writing requires a lot of writing. Hire a content writer with the ability to write persuasive content that will make your online visitors take action when they visit your website. 

  • Strong Research Skills

The ability to conduct keyword research is necessary for a content writer. Keyword research makes it possible to identify high-performance terms, phrases and words that your audiences are searching for online. Aside from keyword research, the writer should be able to research the topic to find useful information from various sources. 

  • Organizational Skills

A good content writer must be able to prioritize tasks, set a content calendar and meet the deadline. Organizational skills will help a writer to do important tasks first, finish the project before the deadline and focus on the writing job. 

  • Ability to Meet Deadlines

Another skill of a content writer is the ability to finish tasks before the deadline you set for the completion of your project. The ability to meet deadlines will make it easy to deliver high-quality content promptly. 

  • Edit Skills

Hire a content writer that has editing skills. First drafts are rarely perfect, but with the right editing skills, your content can become the best piece of text. Editing skills require patience, discipline and attention to detail. It involves checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, redundancy and overused words. 

    . Analytics 

Content writers should be able to write content with the aim of generating conversion and increasing organic traffic. To monitor KPI, the content writer should be able to use various analytics tools to watch and improve performance. 

  • Communication

Communication skill is essential when hiring a content writer. The writer must be able to communicate progress with you and must be able to implement feedback quickly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a content writer depends on the nature and complexity of the project. For long-form blog posts, most content writers will charge between $0.10 and $0.20 per word. If you want to write a landing page and other marketing copy, most writers will charge between $0.50 and $1.

The length of your content depends on the topic you are covering. If there is lots of information to write about, you can write as much as 2500 words per topic. But if there is little information, you can write between 500 and 750 words.

There are several places you can hire content writers to write for your business. You can outsource your writing project to Expert-Hire. They have many skilled content writers who can create conversion-generating content for your business.