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Find the Right Senior Full-Stack Developer from the Best Team

If you want a functional software that meets your business needs, you must hire someone capable of producing useful code to build your website. That is why hiring competent full-stack programmers is the only option available for businesses. At Expert-Hire, you can find the right senior full-stack devs because we have a large team of pre-screened experts readily available when you need them.

What Is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is an expert who is capable of building both the front and back end of a web application. This programmer creates a seamless user experience by leveraging various skill sets including knowledge of databases, front-end technologies, and server configuration. 

Responsibilities of Senior Full-Stack Developers

Senior full-stack developers play a critical role in the development process because they are in charge of creating both the front and back-end components. Using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they develop the user interface and all the widgets in it. 

Aside from that, they will ensure to optimize the UI so that it is mobile-friendly and attractive. Senior full-stack devs’ responsibilities extend to managing the entire software development process because they also write back-end code using programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, and frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and Django. 

Aside from writing code, they also manage the product from conception to deployment in addition to maintaining and upgrading the software and managing its end-to-end life cycle. Testing and debugging the code to fix errors and increase performance is part of the responsibilities of a senior full-stack programmer. This is in addition to working with other experts and stakeholders involved in the development process. 

Senior Full-Stack Programmers Skills

Senior full-stack programmers must have knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, knowledge of frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Angular, and Vue. 

They should have back-end skills like Python, SQL, PHP, and Git. This will help them to be able to develop the server side of a web application. 

Full-stack developers must know how the database works and how to connect the database to the front-end components. This means the Dev must be competent in back-end languages like MySQL, SQLite, and more.

HTTP fosters communication between the front end and the server while REST provides standards and constraints for creating web services. Senior full-stack developers must understand both technologies. 

Full-stack developers must know how to structure code and data and should be able to design the software according to the business requirements.

Benefits of Hiring a Senior Full-Stack Developer

  1. Cost-effective: Hiring a senior full-stack developer with the right experience to handle your project can be more cost-effective than engaging separate programmers for front and back-end development. It is like hiring two developers for the price of one. 
  2. Faster problem solving: Full-stack engineers have a wide knowledge which allows them to identify and solve issues that arise during development. They can quickly debug the code and ensure the overall performance of the software. 
  3. Efficient project management: Since senior full-stack developers are skilled at software development, they can take charge of the project from start to finish, leading to efficient project management. 
  4. Seamless communication: Communication is vital during software development. That is why senior full-stack developers can easily facilitate better communication within the team. 
  5. Stay up with the latest: They can keep up with the latest technology, bringing innovative ideas and modern solutions to your project.

Know Your Project Requirements

The first step in finding the right senior full-stack programmer is knowing your project needs. Start by defining the technical requirements, and scope and list all the specific skills you need. Doing this will help you identify the right developer who can handle front and back-end tasks. 

Check Skills and Experience

Senior full-stack developers should have a wide range of technical and soft skills in addition to years of experience. Some of the technical skills to check are knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript in addition to frameworks like Bootstrap, React and Vue. Aside from that, you should check for knowledge of back-end technologies like PHP, Java, SQL and Python.

Hire from a Vetted Team

To ensure you have the right tech expert for your project, you should hire a vetted team. While hiring freelancers is a cheap option for finding skilled talents, you can’t guarantee the skills of the person you hire. This could lead to costly mistakes that could have been avoided if you hired certified senior full-stack developers from a vetted team like Expert-Hire. 

Sign a Contracts and SLA

Once you have found the right senior full-stack developer, you can formalize the agreement by signing a contract that outlines the terms of employment and compensation. You should also sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the quality of work, timelines and deliverables. An SLA will guarantee that you and the dev have clear expectations and prevent disputes in the future. 

Hire Senior Full-Stack Developers from Expert-Hire in 5 Easy Steps

Engaging a senior full-stack programmer is a crucial task that needs a strategic approach. Follow these five steps to hire the best dev for your project.